Personal Training

Proprioception Training

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Proprioception is the unifying element for all quality athletic movement. It determines how muscles respond. While movement is the continual exchange of force production and force reduction our proprioceptive ability greatly determines our movement awareness and movement efficiency. Proprioceptive ability is trainable. The central nervous system and sensory receptors are conditioned to respond to muscle…

Speed Training

Neural Adaptation Personal Training

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XCEED’s training programs adapt the nervous system producing greater speed and power within athletes. When clients jump higher or run faster after training, the improvements come from the nervous system better controlling the muscular system. Our high speed training stimulates fast twitch muscle fibers and the neuromuscular system. Therefore muscles learn how to react and…

Sport Foundation

Movement Training

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Through XCEED‘s unique training system, athletes learn correct motor patterns and skills associated with starting, accelerating, and changing direction, as well as reaching and maintaining top end speed. Athletes improve their overall running technique. This program emphasizes effective movement patterns teaching athletes essential sprinting skills. Each session becomes more challenging ensuring athletes know how to…