Volleyball Training

Become a better volleyball player by improving your overall athleticism.

Whether you’re an AVP player wanting to increase your rank, a college or high school student preparing for a match we will help you XCEED!

XCEED Sports Performance of Gainesville, Florida offers certified personal volleyball training programs for anyone, regardless of skill or athletic level. Our volleyball training programs will accommodate youths, High School athletes, College athletes, and Professionals.

Benefits of Volleyball Training

Spiking, blocking, game winning serves and proper on-court movements all require strength, power, agility, balance, and coordination training. Fine-tune your body for high performance on the sand or court with XCEED.

  • Increase your Vertical
    Training at XCEED will help you obtain power and technique that help you get vertical! Our volleyball training techniques will help you add inches to your vertical along with improvements in spiking and blocking.
  • Gain Balance and Stability
    Playing at the top of your game demands agility. XCEED Sports Performance will implement scientifically-designed training programs that target agility, stability and balance. This leads to improvements in hitting power and accuracy, plus quicker defensive moves.
  • Increase Your Speed and Agility
    Nothing makes a player more dangerous than the ability to accelerate to the ball, XCEED Sports Performance’s speed-specific training blends proper movement technique with agility exercises for a quicker first step and improved coordination.
  • Prevent Volleyball Injuries
    As a result of proper training we will protect your muscles from overuse and injury, increase your balance, core strength, motor control and energy system conditioning.


Our certified personal trainer lead volleyball training program will evaluate your current athletic strengths and weaknesses from which a customized volleyball-specific strength and conditioning program will be derived. While keeping your goals in mind, we will work with you to increase your strength, agility, coordination and endurance so that your body performs to its absolute best on the court.

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