Pain & Recovery


At XCEED, we are committed to helping you recover as quickly as possible from any type of physical injury.

Bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance, our post rehabilitation recovery services are focused on a holistic approach to injury recovery. We provide an evaluation of the injury and surrounding areas, looking for any deficiencies or weaknesses that may have attributed to the injury. If we can spot something that might have caused or contributed to the injury, we will target it through our post rehabilitation recovery services to strengthen the area and do our best to make sure the injury does not happen again. We look forward to helping you recover as soon as possible. 

A complete and satisfactory recovery from any injury is critical when it comes to sports performance, quality of life and overall function. Our goal is to make sure the injury does not define you or serve as a problem long term. Our post rehabilitation recovery services will make sure the injury is a distant memory as you aim to move on with your life and get back to normal. Allow XCEED to help play an important role in your recovery.


The brain has three main functions: prediction, movement, and survival.

Predicting, planning, reacting, and moving are ways our brain helps us to ensure our survival. Pain is produced by the brain when it perceives that danger to the body exists and action is required. Pain should be viewed as an action signal. Perception of pain is produced by brain activity. Despite this undisputable fact many people, physicians, and therapists still hold on to the belief of pain as a reliable source of information of what is happening in the body. Pain is a part of the survival system. Therefore any threat or stimulus, can be interpreted as pain in the brain if it is interpreted as threatening.
Your brain can produce a pain signal to anything is views as threatening whether that be a cognitive, emotional or physical challenge.
Pain is very individual and people can have very different internal experiences to what seems to be the same event. Changing the context and our perception of a painful stimulus through training can go a long way to minimizing or eliminating the pain we experience.
All the joints of our body are meant to move through their normal ranges of motion. When cannot feel where our body is in space or we can no longer move a joint fully, the brain interprets this lack of sensory input as a threat to our survival. When the threat is too much it will cause us to perform poorly, become weak, or experience pain. Even a small reduction in threat and stress on the brain and body system will get us better, make us more efficient athletes and our chronic pain will decrease or disappear. The most important thing that I can do for my clients is to improve their movement skills.
Post Rehab Services
  • Post Injury Rehabilitation Service
  • Post Surgery & Rehabilitation Service
  • Athletic Rehabilitation
    (Transitioning you from Physical Therapy to Sports Training)
  • Reccurring Pain Evaluation

Clients Include

  • Professional and College Athletes
  • High School and Youth Athletes
  • Armed Forces, Firefighters, and Law Enforcement
  • Everyday Active Adults
  • Senior Citizens


Post rehabilitation exercises performed at XCEED address the initial cause of the injury and not just the symptom(s).

XCEED evaluates your injury and customizes a post rehabilitation program to get you back on your feet and into the game.


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