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Biomechanics is the sport science field that applies the laws of physics to human performance, in order to gain a better understanding of athletic performance.

This is done through modeling, simulation and measurement.

Physical limitations and movement optimization are of great interest to athletes, coaches, researchers and physicians.

Biomechanics allow us to learn more about injury mechanisms and prevention. It also can be used be used to improve a player’s technique for better results in sports.

There are many aspects that contribute to an athlete’s performance. If you are dedicated to performing at your highest level knowing where your weak link is vital. To know your weak link is to know where you need to focus your training for maximum return.

XCEED will help you determine your weak links and will also help you train to remove deficiencies in your athleticism.

Our program will determine your biomechanical efficiency, specific body imbalances, current athletic ability, and provide a training program to supplement the results of these tests.


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