Proprioception Training

Proprioception is the unifying element for all quality athletic movement. It determines how muscles respond. While movement is the continual exchange of force production and force reduction our proprioceptive ability greatly determines our movement awareness and movement efficiency.

Proprioceptive ability is trainable. The central nervous system and sensory receptors are conditioned to respond to muscle length, tension and the body’s position in space. Our automatic sensitivity mechanism in the body sends messages through the central nervous system (CNS) telling the body how to react and with what amount of tension.

XCEED Fitness Training located in Gainesville, Florida places high emphasis on proprioception training.

Our proprioceptive program mimics the acceleration and deceleration phases of each athlete’s sport where reflex reaction
mechanisms are sharpened creating more precise, relaxed movements. The proprioceptive exercises we use teach the body to strengthen weaker areas in order to find its balance and spatial position.

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