Tennis Training

Become a better tennis player by improving your overall athleticism.

Whether you’re a player on the ATP circuit wanting to increase your rank, a high school tennis player, or young athlete looking to better your play; we will help you XCEED!

We will evaluate your current athletic strengths and weaknesses from which a customized tennis-specific strength and conditioning program to help you increase your strength, power, agility, speed and coordination so that your body performs its absolute best on the court.

We will teach you to play like the pros by making tennis easier and naturally more powerful.  


Benefits of Tennis Training

  • Better Serves and accuracy

  • Better Ground Strokes and Volleys

  • Improved Accuracy

  • Rotational Power

  • Better Court Coverage – Speed and Agility

  • More Topspin

  • More Feel

  • Injury Prevention


We will assess and train your athletic needs from strength, speed, power, agility, vision, technique and balance to take your athletic performance to a new level. 

Today very few athletes are taught to move well and as a result they never reach their potential and make their bodies very susceptible to injury through inefficient movement. Movement is a skill and it is very trainable. High level athletic skill development is possible for virtually every athlete through concentrated effort and sound instruction and training.    

Integration of vision, vestibular (balance centers of the brain), and proprioception (body awareness) systems will maximize our efforts for greater efficiency of movement, skill training, speed, strength, power, and stamina.


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