Tennis Training

Become a better tennis player by improving your overall athleticism.

Whether you’re a player on the ATP circuit wanting to increase your rank, a high school tennis player, or young athlete looking to better your play; we will help you XCEED!

Our tennis training program, lead by our certified personal trainer at our gym located in Gainesville, Florida, will help you become a better tennis player by introducing you and your body to new, focused, precise movements which will translate into speed, strength and muscular endurance on the court.

Benefits of Tennis Training

  • Better Serves and Accuracy
    We’ll help you develop the rotational power and mobility that will improve the effectiveness of your serves and returns. Our tennis training will also help your stability and balance to ensure consistent shot production while also helping you produce the strength, endurance, and cardiovascular conditioning to keep it up until the end of the match.
  • Increase Your Speed and Agility
    Tennis requires agility, the ability to change direction and track down short and deep balls. Our tennis training will help you develop the explosive power, proper mechanics and movement skills required to make you the victor. 
  • Prevent Tennis Injuries
    As a result of proper training, we will protect your muscles from overuse and injury, increase your balance, core strength, motor control and energy system conditioning. Our training aims to make you better on the court but also keep you safe from injuries. 


Our certified personal trainer lead tennis training program will evaluate your current athletic strengths and weaknesses from which a customized tennis-specific strength and conditioning program will be derived. While keeping your goals in mind we will work with you to increase your strength, agility, coordination and speed so that your body performs its absolute best on the court.

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