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Neuromuscular Efficiency Training

Great athletes don’t even look like they are trying. Ever wonder why?

This is because they are only using appropriate muscles while at the same time they are relaxing inappropriate muscles.

Dynamic, integrated, whole body movement sequences are commonplace with elite athletes. This is because they are only stimulating appropriate muscles while relaxing inappropriate muscles.

An inappropriate amount of tension on opposing muscle groups interferes with the body’s ability to have integrative, coordinated, fast movements. While one muscle group needs to be stimulated, the opposite muscle group needs to be relaxed. If both the agonist and the antagonist are stimulated at the same time, speed and power are diminished. The efficiency of the nervous system in fast powerful movements is in the stimulation and inhibition of muscles.

The critical component producing dramatic improvements in athletic power, quickness, speed, specific skill and grace is having a superior functioning nervous system. At XCEED we believe athletes must put a high priority on the efficiency of their movements for improved performance.


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