Kinetic Chain Training

The body is a single system-not just a series of muscles. These muscles work in a linked manor-like a chain. When it comes to sport performance training the term “kinetic chain” describes how an athlete moves his/her body.

For efficient flowing movements to occur there must be an integration of all parts. It doesn’t matter how powerful your strongest muscles are-it’s the weakest links that determine how effectively movement occurs in each athlete.

At XCEED Sports Performance located in Gainesville, Florida we focus on whole-system-training allowing for total interrelationship and interdependency of links in the chain.

Our training involves the total kinetic chain and strives for free-flowing powerful movement. All athletic movements start at the ground-so must ones training. How force is transmitted into the ground determines the quality of the athlete’s performance.

At XCEED we start our athlete’s training at the ground for this very reason and build from there for complete fluid power and speed gains.

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