Personal Fitness: 5 Tips to Keep Your Workout Exciting

Trying to reach your personal fitness goals can be a struggle when you’re bored of your workouts. Once you get yourself to the gym, why is it so hard to stay? Getting stuck in a routine or lack of challenging exercise can get boring. Here are a few things to add to your workout regimen that will keep you excited about hitting the gym.

Make Each Day Something Different

Yoga Thursdays mixed with cycling Sundays can keep you looking forward to each day. Mixing up your workout not only helps to work out a different part of your body every day, it also keeps things interesting. The word “routine” sounds boring, but if you change your workout everyday, you will look forward to each workout. Choosing one day of the week to do a workout with a friend can also motivate you and keep the workout fun and engaging.

Get a Personal Trainer

Don’t want to come up with something different every day? No problem. Personal trainers always have a bunch of workouts and stretches that will keep things different every time you come in. Not only will they introduce you to new workouts, they will make sure you are doing them correctly so that you get the most out of your workouts. Personal trainers are great motivators and support systems when you are trying to reach your personal fitness goals.

Join a Class

Sometimes all you need to keep your workouts interesting is a friend next to you doing it with you. Group training classes are awesome ways to get you sweating with a friend. Fun is the core of group fitness classes. With multiple instructors and a variety of classes, you can never get bored with the same class twice. The combination of friends and motivational leaders will keep your workouts engaging and effective.

Set Personal Fitness Goals

Set personal fitness goals to keep you motivated. Competing with yourself can be fun and keep you coming back for more. When setting goals, it’s important to set SMART goals. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound. Keeping your goals SMART will help you set realistic goals that can be measured over time. Your goals will not only motivate you during your workouts but keep you excited about your progress.

Up the Intensity

Sometimes boredom during exercise is because your body isn’t being challenged. Although it is comfortable to stick to a routine, your body will not improve but rather maintain your existing personal fitness level. Increasing the intensity of your workout will not only challenge you but keep you stimulated therefore, making your workouts more interesting. You won’t believe how quickly your workouts will go by when you are challenging yourself.

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5 Tips to Reaching Your Personal Fitness Goals in 2016

Reaching your personal fitness goals requires motivation and hard work, but it’s easy to get discouraged or miss the mark. Here are a few tips for athletes at any fitness level to keep in mind.

1. Invest in a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are great resources for guidance and motivation at any personal fitness level. A personal trainer will be able to assess your fitness level and tailor your workout to meet your goals. Sometimes your personal fitness gains hit a plateau. But, all you need is someone to push your workouts to the next level. No one can do this better than a personal trainer. Not only do they serve as great motivators, you will never have to plan your workout again.

2. Take Time to Recover

Hydration, sleep and stretching are all musts when you are training. Stretching is crucial to staying flexible and injury free. The best times to stretch are before and after a workout, when your muscles are warm. Not only will stretching prevent injury, but it will also reduce muscle soreness later on. Hydration and adequate sleep time are important in staying energized and healthy for your next workout.

3. Mix Up Your Personal Fitness Routine

Don’t get stuck in a workout routine. It’s important to mix up your training so that your muscles are challenged and improve. An easy way to mix up your routine is by joining a group training program or hiring a personal trainer. They can help you learn different routines and exercises to get your personal fitness goals reached faster and healthier.

4. Practice Positivity

Half of the battle when it comes to reaching your personal fitness goals is keeping the right state of mind. Researchers have found that an athlete’s performance is a direct result of their mental discipline. Keep a positive attitude when you’re getting through your workout. But, most importantly, push yourself. Learn how to avoid mental blocks and surround yourself with positive people and attitudes.

5. Quality Over Quantity

Think about your form. The quality of your training is much more important than the quantity of reps or practice that you are performing. If an exercise is done incorrectly, the effects won’t show the way you want them to or even at all. Too many times, athletes put in time at the gym that is worthless because they failed to follow a good form. So focus on quality. Target each area of the body and learn how to complete the exercises correctly. You will start to see your performance improving faster than ever.

Need help reaching your personal fitness goals? Contact XCEED Sports Performance in Gainesville, FL to get started on your 2016 fitness plan!

Personal Fitness: The Power of Group Training

Personal fitness lovers are lining up for group training classes because of their variety of benefits to mental and physical health. Here are are five reasons you should sign up for a group training class today.


After a while, getting into a workout routine can get boring and mundane. Group training classes excite your workout routine with variety and new levels of challenge. No group training class is alike, and with many classes being coached by different fitness trainers, even a similar class can be unique depending on who is training. With group fitness classes, fitness trainers will address every part of the body to gain more mobility, flexibility and strength.


With group training classes, your workouts are no longer lonely and you begin to develop a sense of camaraderie with the rest of the class. You are all working toward a similar goal and it helps to be getting through fitness challenges as a team. Your fellow athletes will make you feel a part of something bigger and your personal fitness goals will thank them later.


Group training classes are great for athletes who need to be kicked into gear. The combination of motivational fitness trainers, fun circuits and vibrant music will motivate you to get through challenging workouts and get you results. Plus, who doesn’t like a little friendly competition? Group training classes can be great for creating a healthy competitive edge that will take your personal fitness efforts to the next level.


Training with your friends or family will keep you accountable. You won’t be skipping the gym knowing that people are counting on you to show up. Not only will friends and family be waiting on you, so will your trainer! Group training classes keep your personal fitness goals in check by holding you accountable.

Personal Fitness Results

One of the best things about group training classes is the educational value they provide when it comes to personal fitness. Not only will you see your body transform, but fitness trainers will give you individual attention to teach and correct exercise techniques so that you are getting the most out of your workouts. The kind of learning you do at group training classes will shape the way you work out forever.

Done a group training program with us?

Tell us about your experience! Interested in getting involved in a group training program or have questions? Contact XCEED Sports Performance in Gainesville today about group training programs perfect for any personal fitness goals.

Biomechanics Training

Biomechanics is the sport science field that applies the laws of physics to human performance, in order to gain a better understanding of athletic performance.

This is done through modeling, simulation and measurement.

Physical limitations and movement optimization are of great interest to athletes, coaches, researchers and physicians.

Biomechanics allow us to learn more about injury mechanisms and prevention. It also can be used be used to improve a player’s technique for better results in sports.

There are many aspects that contribute to an athlete’s performance. If you are dedicated to performing at your highest level knowing where your weak link is vital. To know your weak link is to know where you need to focus your training for maximum return.

XCEED will help you determine your weak links and will also help you train to remove deficiencies in your athleticism.

Our program will determine your biomechanical efficiency, specific body imbalances, current athletic ability, and provide a training program to supplement the results of these tests.


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Stability Training

You will need coordination and dynamic balance to achieve athletic excellence and your full potential.

Training must involve multiple joints and compound muscle actions that demand coordination, proper body positioning and joint and core stability.

Training at higher levels of acceleration requires greater levels of coordination and dynamic balance.

XCEED’s training for fast reactive motor control develops coordination along with joint and core stabilization-the key to getting the most power out of your body.

Our training further develops the body’s neurological capabilities and efficiency giving athletes superior coordination. The end result is a graceful individual who appears to make every action easy while displaying superior feats of power.


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Proprioception Training

Proprioception is the unifying element for all quality athletic movement.

It determines how muscles respond.

While movement is the continual exchange of force production and force reduction our proprioceptive ability greatly determines our movement awareness and movement efficiency.

Proprioceptive ability is trainable. The central nervous system and sensory receptors are conditioned to respond to muscle length, tension and the body’s position in space. Our automatic sensitivity mechanism in the body sends messages through the central nervous system (CNS) telling the body how to react and with what amount of tension. XCEED Fitness places high emphasis on proprioception training.

Our proprioceptive program mimics the acceleration and deceleration phases of each athlete’s sport where reflex reaction mechanisms are sharpened creating more precise, relaxed movements.

The proprioceptive exercises we use teach the body to strengthen weaker areas in order to find its balance and spatial position.


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Kinetic Chain Training

The body is a single system-not just a series of muscles. These muscles work in a linked manor-like a chain.

When it comes to sport performance training the term “kinetic chain” describes how an athlete moves his/her body.

For efficient flowing movements to occur there must be an integration of all parts. It doesn’t matter how powerful your strongest muscles are—it’s the weakest links that determine how effectively movement occurs in each athlete.

At XCEED we focus on whole-system-training allowing for total interrelationship and interdependency of links in the chain.

Our training involves the total kinetic chain and strives for free-flowing powerful movement. All athletic movements start at the ground-so must ones training. How force is transmitted into the ground determines the quality of the athlete’s performance.

We start our athlete’s training at the ground for this very reason and build from there for complete fluid power and speed gains.


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Neuromuscular Efficiency Training

Great athletes don’t even look like they are trying. Ever wonder why?

This is because they are only using appropriate muscles while at the same time they are relaxing inappropriate muscles.

Dynamic, integrated, whole body movement sequences are commonplace with elite athletes. This is because they are only stimulating appropriate muscles while relaxing inappropriate muscles.

An inappropriate amount of tension on opposing muscle groups interferes with the body’s ability to have integrative, coordinated, fast movements. While one muscle group needs to be stimulated, the opposite muscle group needs to be relaxed. If both the agonist and the antagonist are stimulated at the same time, speed and power are diminished. The efficiency of the nervous system in fast powerful movements is in the stimulation and inhibition of muscles.

The critical component producing dramatic improvements in athletic power, quickness, speed, specific skill and grace is having a superior functioning nervous system. At XCEED we believe athletes must put a high priority on the efficiency of their movements for improved performance.


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Neural Adaptation Personal Training

XCEED’s training programs adapt the nervous system producing greater speed and power within athletes. When clients jump higher or run faster after training, the improvements come from the nervous system better controlling the muscular system.

Our high speed training stimulates fast twitch muscle fibers and the neuromuscular system. Therefore muscles learn how to react and work at higher speeds. Faster muscle contractions allow an athlete to run faster, jump higher and throw harder. In essence our training is fast-twitch muscle training.

The neurological system has a tendency to stagnate in its responses to adaption over time. With this awareness our programs optimally challenge the individual with progressive training protocols demanding that the individual produce a greater stimulus to overcome the increasing demand.

Our techniques are advanced systematically continuing the process of the body’s neuromuscular stimulation.


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Movement Training

Through XCEED‘s unique training system, athletes learn correct motor patterns and skills associated with starting, accelerating, and changing direction, as well as reaching and maintaining top end speed. Athletes improve their overall running technique.

This program emphasizes effective movement patterns teaching athletes essential sprinting skills. Each session becomes more challenging ensuring athletes know how to be most efficient and confident on the field by the end of the cycle.

XCEED’s clients perform drills teaching their muscles the right way to work. When it is time to run, these trained muscles only know how to do the right thing. Since their muscles are contracting and relaxing the right way, at the right time, and in the right position, XCEED’s clients run with proper form at their bodies’ peak speed.


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